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Your hard working and you need energy to tackle daily tasks, your time and money is important....

If your someone who needs some guidance,  we would love to meet you!

With all of the crazy fads and diets out there we make it truly simple to finally lose excess weight and tone up!

We do this through Functional Weight Training, Programming which is flexible with 24/7 Access to the Gym.

You deserve to feel incredible in your clothes again, no more painful guessing and wondering at BYP 24/7 you no longer have to feel alone!

Easy to follow, flexible options available -

BYP 24/7 Provides loads of VALUE:


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We go back to basics with individuals who want to break old habits and replace with new ones that will gain better results and empower them to feel the way they are supposed to feel “Amazing”.  Not only this but educate people on how to train for themselves, by themselves anywhere they please at anytime in their life. We are confident and present passion in our services and training facility.

At BYP we bear in mind that our typical member is quite often a beginner or needs to get into their rhythm again so we suggest a challenge or our Group Training option, or you may be someone who is experienced and just wants to lift alone, use all of our machines and equipment 24 hours a day you choose what you need off the Menu!

  • Members ONLY 24 hour Facility
  • Large Group Fitness 
  • Small Tailored Group Fitness
  • Young Athlete Adolescent Training
  • Armed Forces and Special test preparation

Our Members and Our Team

We provide a supportive environment and are proud of our encouraging community who love nothing more than meeting new like minded people starting out at BYP 24/7.
People know and feel that we care about their goals and achievements, they love the energetic, friendly facility that we provide.
We empower our clients with health and fitness and this builds confidence and inner strength to tackle the everyday tasks with newfound energy.


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    WALK IN'S WELCOME - Monday to Thursday 3PM TILL 7PM or by appointment on 0407 791 604.

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