Complete Fitness Solutions for ALL Levels
Exclusive Members only 24 hour facility

What you can expect from BYP 24/7  :

Keeping an eye on our members to make sure they working out effectively and safely is our priority. If you have a previous injury we can work around that too, depending on your goal and the individual we can also make you stronger than ever lots of people have been told not to work out because it’s the safest way of avoiding further injury though we have a strong network of other fitness professionals to support and ensure your safety and well being.

We are in the business of providing health education and next level confidence and performance that means we go back to basics with individuals who want to break old habits and replace with new ones that will gain better results and empower them to feel the way they are supposed to feel “Amazing”.  Not only this but educate people on how to train for themselves, by themselves anywhere they please at anytime in their life. We are confident and present passion in our services and training facility.

Our Facility is a clean, comfortable and energetic and we bear in mind that our typical member is a beginner and not necessarily someone who has been involved in gyms for a long time. Regardless how experienced someone is, they are working out for a reason and it is our job to provide the service and tools that will help them reach their goal.

  • Exclusive Members ONLY 24 hour Facility
  • Group Fitness
  • Semi-Private Training
  • One on One Personal Training
  • Children and Adolescent training

Our Members and Our Team

We provide a supportive environment and are proud of our encouraging community who love nothing more than meeting new like minded people starting out at BYP 24/7.
People know and feel that we care about their goals and achievements, they love the energetic, friendly facility that we provide.
We empower our clients with health and fitness and this builds confidence and inner strength to tackle the everyday tasks with newfound energy.

Our Values

  • COMMUNITY - We are welcoming and value each and every individual
  • THE EXAMPLE- We Practice what we preach, striving to be the best versions of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • POSITIVE- We present a happy, up-beat and energetic vibe at all times!
  • SUPPORTIVE – We encourage and acknowledge others competition’s, games, personal bests, body goals and personal achievements.
  • RESPECT – Ourselves, each person individually and others in our local and greater community.

  • Extra Services we provide :

    Want more? You can add these options later on chat to us about your individual needs.

    • Exercise Program
    • Nutrition Program
    • One off PT sessions
    • Semi Private Sessions (2 or more)
    • Workshops
    • Helpful how to (Free 15 mins with a BYP Coach at any time during membership)


    One on One PT - Its Personal
    As the title above suggests - pricing for a one on one session is very personal because everyone is very different. We need to take into account all of the following when designing for the individual.

    • Questions we both need to consider to ensure you are using your time and money efficiently:
    • Any Past/current injuries or surgery? How long ago?
    • What is your expectation Eg. Weight loss or performance; how much and when by?
    • Your Experience - Have you trained alone in a gym before? Have you played sport and how long ago?
    • How much time and effort your willing to put into yourself?
    • Each person is individual, once we have a clear goal we can give you an accurate price.

    Prices range from $30.00 up to $150.00

    Contact info

    Build Your Physique
    14 Euphemia Street,
    Jimboomba, QLD

    Telephone: +61 407 791 604
    E-mail: Email us here